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Misset International Webinar Week

This year turned out to be different than we expected. For example no EuroTier in 2020 so we came up with a great alternative! The Misset International Webinar Week. From 16 until 20 November 2020, we will organise different kind of webinars, with specific themes and topics. A good opportunity to stay informed about relevant topics!

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Pig Progress presents:

Piglet Gut Health

19 November | 15:00 CET

About this webinar

Keeping the gut healthy after weaning is an insurance for profitable pig production. Management, nutrition and health are all aspects that play a role in controlling and enhancing intestinal integrity. During our webinars we will share in-depth views from both independent and partner speakers on how to make the difference on farm. Focus areas of our speakers are nutrition, veterinary and immunology.

Gut Health

19 November | 11:00 CET

About this webinar

The efficiency in which an animal converts food to energy is of vital importance. The gastrointestinal tract, or ‘gut’ as it is otherwise known, is where this magic happens. Intestinal health problems lead to animal performance and profitability being jeopardised with infections being a major source of feed efficiency loss, downtime and additional costs for veterinary treatment. Certain feed components and feed additives can positively influence the microflora in the gut and in turn boost intestinal health.


16 November | 15:00 CET

About the webinar

No phase in a pig’s life is as hectic as is the weaning phase. Many things happen in an incredibly short time - and all could have a profound impact on the piglet’s health. Mother is moved out of sight, new pen mates, new types of feed, a different environment. Especially those piglets that already had difficulty keeping up might be affected by pathogens, the most well-known being E. coli. To make things even more complicated, in recent years the toolbox for farmers has become rather empty, with well-known solutions like antibiotics or zinc oxide being increasingly discouraged across the world. 

Advanced Pig Farming

16 November | 11:00 CET

About this webinar

Smartphones, sensors, drones and apps. The digital revolution is taking place all around us. Agriculture is increasingly embracing modern technologies as well. Swine farming offers many opportunities as well as challenges for these novel technologies. Which solutions have appeared on the market, how can they help pig producers do a better job and what to do with new data and insights gathered from these applications?

This webinar is made possible by:

Advanced Pig Farming

The experts

Vincent ter Beek, 
Host and chief editor Pig Progress

This webinar is made possible by:

This webinar is made possible by:

This webinar is made possible by:

The experts

Vincent ter Beek, 
Host and chief editor Pig Progress

"5 misconceptions about zinc free weaning"

  • Based on the know-how and experiences with our Aim For Zero program

Delphine Van Zele
Product manager pigs EMEA at Nuscience

The experts

Vincent ter Beek, 
Host and chief editor Pig Progress

"Optimizing the nutribiotic state in pigs"

  • Swine producers are facing the need to reduce/remove antibiotics as well as zinc.

Bart Hillen, 
Regional technical manager at DuPont

"Modern genetics, large litters and small piglets: health through nutrition to the rescue"

  • Using nutrition as a tool to enhance performance and health

Linda Peeters, DVM, PhD
Swine veterinarian at GD Animal Health

The experts

Vincent ter Beek, 
Host and chief editor Pig Progress

"Piglet performance starts with the sow"

  • The sow body condition
  • The viability of the piglets.

Sofia Rengman, 
Global technical manager at Perstorp

The entire Misset International Webinar Week is made possible by:

Wouter de Bruin,
Technical support swine at Phileo by Lesaffre

Daniël Sperling, DVM PhD
Swine corporate technical manager at Ceva Sante Animale
"Coccidiosis and Iron Deficiency Anemia (IDA): Can we do better?"

  • Optimal diagnostics- update
  • Prevalence data- Coccidiosis and IDA in EU countries
  • New way of control- Forceris

Casey Bradley, 
President at the Sunswine Group 

Jens Toppenberg, 
Founder Cloudfarms

Graziano Mantovani, 
Strategic marketing and technology lead swine western Europe At Cargill

"Growability - when safety meets performance"

  • Growability concept
  • Challenges to piglet growability
  • Why Growability matters?

Name of this speaker will follow

Aidan Connolly, Agri Tech Capital

"The Digital Pig – Leveraging the power of digital solutions for advanced pig farming"

  • The benefits of using digital solutions
  • Advantages of cloud-based solutions and real-time data

"Archetypal Protein – An opportunity to lower crude protein in nursery diets"

  • Understanding the benefits and challenges of lowering crude protein
  • Opportunities of utilizing feed additives in synergy to lower crude protein

Linda Peeters, DVM, PhD
Swine veterinarian at GD Animal Health